Sunday, 29 January 2017

MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Rebel Lipstick | £15.50

This lipstick has been on my wishlist for (no lie) about 2 years and I really don't know why it's taken until now to get my hands on it! MAC Rebel. Look at it. JUST LOOK. It's the most perfect deep, purple, berry shade. But it's like no other berry lipstick I own. It's just so unique and I can see now why it's such a cult favourite. It looks quite scary and not very wearable in the bullet, but once it's on the lips it's just stunning. It brightens up the complexion and even makes my teeth look whiter. It's not too dark or gothic. It's just beautiful. I've been wearing it loads lately, both day and night.


Rebel is a Satin formula, which has actually become my favourite formula. They're semi-matte, but feel super comfortable and creamy on the lips and tend to last so much longer than Cremesheens. The lasting power of this lipstick is the best of all my MACs. It wears really evenly and leaves behind a gorgeous berry stain that lasts through the night. It's a bit of a bugger to remove but that's certainly not a bad thing. We all want our lipsticks to last don't we?

Now I know you're all gonna run out and buy this. And if you're not, why not?

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Friday, 27 January 2017

NEW IN: Maybelline. Spring 2017

If you're not aware, I'm part of the Maybelline's #MaybellineSquad, basically meaning I'm lucky enough to get sent a selection of their new releases every couple of months. Now, I'm in no way expected to post about them, but to be honest I'm just a massive fan of Maybelline, always have been, so I often find their new releases are exciting enough to post about. Plus, the lovely ladies are kind enough to send me all of these wonderful goodies, the least I could do is showcase them on my blog. Feast your eyes on this lovely lot...

Firstly, there's 2 new palettes to get stuck into, one of which I own nothing of it's kind. A Lip Contour Palette! What is this sorcery?  Look how pretty...

Maybelline Lip Contour Palette in Blushed Bombshell* | £9.99 | link

How stunning? The Lip Contour Palette in Blushed Bombshell* has the ability to create 3 different lip looks, using the prime, line, colour and highlight system. I watched Rachel Leary's recent video where she uses this palette and it's so dreamy! I haven't had a proper play with it yet but I'm out partying Friday and Saturday this weekend (I knoww, wild child - not!), so I'm definitely gonna give it a whirl. 

The other palette is the new Master Camo Colour Correcting Palette in Light*. I love these kind of palettes as I get quite a lot of redness especially around my nose.

Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Palette in Light
Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Palette in Light* |£9.99 | link

Again, I haven't had change to try this yet, but I've had a little feel and they feel ultra creamy and blendable. 

Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer in Fair* | £4.99 | link

Maybelline have also released a creamy concealer crayon! MY FAVOURITE KIND! The Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer in 10 Fair* reminds me very much of my all time favourite concealer (Soap & Glory Kick Ass Blur & Brighten Concealer Crayon). I've got such high hopes for this badboy and think it will be perfect for brightening up the under eye area & sharpening the brows etc.

They've also released some new lip products to their already massive range. The ones that have excited me most have to be the new Baby Lips Color Balm Crayons*. Now I think there's 6 to choose from and I have the shade Sugary 10, which is a beautiful watermelon pink, which I suspect will be a handbag favourite of mine come springtime.

Also in their new lineup is another shade to add to my Color Sensational Matte Nudes*. The shade Brown Sugar is very on trend at the minute, but admittedly it's one that might take some getting used to. Along with that, I got one of the new Color Stay Shaping Lip Liners* in the shade Brick Red. A true, brick red lip liner is always good to have in so I'm looking forward to giving this a go.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Dual Lipsticks

And lastly, there's a couple of the Super Stay 24 Dual Lipsticks*. You know the kind, the balmy primer at one end and the liquid lipstick at the other. I got the shades Steady Red-Y and Pink Goes On. The red looks perfect for Valentine's Day, even though Martin and I don't usually acknowledge that - ha!

All in all I think Maybelline have smashed it for their Spring 2017 releases. I look forward to seeing what's next.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

My Most Reached For Foundations

I've got to admit that my guilty pleasure is definitely foundation (well, along with Yankee candles, and cheese... ooohhhh Boursin, where have you been all my life?). I was a Rimmel girl for a long time, with Match Perfection being my favourite for a good few years. Lately I've found myself reaching for different ones every day just to switch things up a bit. I've put together my 4 favourites of the moment, the ones I find myself reaching for most often.

First up is probably my all time favourite; the YSL Le Teint Touché Eclat Foundation (review here). It's the ultimate in dewy, glowy goodness and has pretty good lasting power too. It's a medium coverage but just looks so fresh and healthy. A more budget alternative and one of the newest in my stash is the L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Foundation. It's slightly thicker in texture to the YSL, with perhaps a little bit more coverage too. I find it perfect for my dry skin as it doesn't cling to dry patches and gives a healthy glow which I love. It lasts well with just the odd t-zone touch up through the day. If I want something long lasting and still fresh looking, I will always opt for the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation. I never used to like this foundation back in the day, but I fell in love with it when they changed the formula during their rebranding and added the comfort serum. Out of all of the foundations I own, this is the one I notice the most by the end of the day. My skin still looks fresh and the coverage is still there. That's something I very rarely get with foundations, as I always go for dewy, fresh ones and they don't tend to last as well as full coverage/matte foundations. Decent work by Rimmel. Last but not least is a foundation that receives a lot of hype; NARS Sheer Glow. I really struggled with this when I first got it and really didn't like it. But the more I've tried and worked with it, the more I find myself reaching for it. Admittedly it is too pale for me, so I often mix a tiny bit of a darker foundation in just to even out the colour a bit. I do now get why it's so hyped up. It's so light on the skin, but still has good coverage and lasts well.

What are your most reached for foundations?

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

MAC Twig Lipstick

A picture of MAC Twig Satin Lipstick

Oh MAC, you stole my heart from day one. I have 11 MAC lipsticks in my collection now (although it's bothering me that I'm at an odd number, so I think I'm gona have to treat myself to another, paha). The newest in my collection is this beauty, and I'll be honest, it's possibly jumped to the top of my favourites list!! Twig is described as a soft muted brownish-pink, which is basically how I would have described it. It's one of those shades I think everyone needs to own. It's so flattering and the perfect nude for this time of year as it's a bit darker than other every day nudes that I'd choose all year round (e.g. Brave). This one is perfect to achieve that 90's lip trend. It's a Satin formula, and I have to say I've always gone for Cremesheens, but this is now my 3rd Satin and I think I'm converted. Satins are pretty much a semi-matte and feel so creamy and comfortable on the lips. 

A swatch of MAC Twig Lipstick
MAC Twig

Look how pretty? I've been wearing it pretty much every day since I got it at Christmas, and even on a few nights out, too. FYI, it goes amazingly with a smokey eye. 

Hmmmm, which one to get next?

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