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Hey there lovely readers. I'm Kate, a 28 year old from the North East of England. I'm currently a married, stay-at-home Mum to two boys - Toddler George (3) and Baby Freddie (Born Feb 2015).  Before becoming a mother, I completed a degree in English Studies & History at Teesside University.  I set up my blog shortly after George was born, mainly because I had so much spare time at home when he was napping etc and I loved reading other blogs and wanted to be part of the community. For now, I'm loving writing my blog as a hobby, alongside watching and helping my sons grow into fabulous little people.

I'm constantly trying to improve my photography skills. The majority of the photos on my blog are taken with my beloved Canon eos 600d.

I hope you enjoy reading my little corner of the web, do say hello if you ever want a chat!



  1. I've nominated you for the liebster award! sorry if you've already been nominated! x

  2. Great page... in case you want to test our exclusive Crystal Make Up Brush Line, let me know and you will get the set. All the best, Thomas Dittus

    1. Hi Thomas, do you have any more information? If so you can contact me at Thank you :)


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